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Soldier on the Roof by Esther Hertog
Soldier on the Roof

Soldier on the Roof

“Blessed God says; Make war for this land. Conquer this land. So this is what I do”
Hebron Settler’s spokesman

Hebron is a holy place for Jews, Muslims and Christians. In its oldest neighborhood can be found a small Jewish settler enclave surrounded by 120,000 Palestinians. On the surrounding rooftops is a large Israeli military force, under specific orders to protect Hebron’s 800 settlers. Over a period of three years the filmmaker lived amongst these settlers, her goal to portrait the daily lives of these Jewish families, and their constant conflict with Hebron’s ‘other’ residents.

80’ / video / colour     

Original title: SOLDIER ON THE ROOF
Dir: Esther Hertog 
Prod: Sarphati Media   
Sc: Esther Hertog           
D.O.P.: Esther Hertog
Completed: October 2012       
Language: English/Hebrew (English subtitles)   

Esther Hertog:

First feature length documentary.

Sarphati Media

Ph: +31 20 530 7190

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Press Releases
26-11-2012  Soldier on the Roof wins two awards IDFA