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Skies Above Hebron

Skies Above Hebron

A coming-of-age story depicting three boys coping each in his own way, with physical and mental obstacles enclosing life in their Palestinian hometown of Hebron.


55' /  Colour     

Original title: Skies Above Hebron

Dir: Esther Hertog & Paul King
Prod: DOXY: Janneke Doolaard
Sc: Esther Hertog & Paul King                         
D.O.P.: Esther Hertog & Paul King
Completed: November 2020                 
Language: Arabic & Hebrew

Esther Hertog & Paul King:
Esther Hertog: Soldier on the Roof (2012, doc) Awards: IDFA Award for First Appearance and Dioraphte IDFA Award for Dutch Documentary.
Paul King: Here is Hope (2012, doc), Desert Alert (2011, doc)


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