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Sketches of Siberia Ben van Lieshout
Sketches of Siberia

Sketches of Siberia

A road/boat trip on the Yenisey River and through the endless taiga towards the Heart of Gold. What became of Fridtjof Nansens' land of the future, Siberia?

In 1913, polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen took part in an expedition to open up a regular trade connection between Norway and the interior of Siberia. His fascinating diary, Through Siberia, The Land of the Future, is the major inspiration for Sketches of Siberia, a visual and associative documentary in which Nansen's observations and considerations are mirrored in a present day context.

74‘ / DCP / colour   

Dir.: Ben van Lieshout
Prod: Van Lieshout Filmproducties       
Sc: Ben van Lieshout           
D.O.P.: Ben van Lieshout
Completed: September 2015   
Language: English

Ben van Lieshout:
a.o. INVENTORY OF THE MOTHERLAND (2012, doc), The Muse, (2007, feature), Locatie Tussenland  (2006, short doc), Petersburg Places and Paintings (2004, doc).

Van Lieshout Filmproducties
Ph: +31 30 601 3040

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