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Sisters by Simonka de Jong


SISTERS (working title)
Simonka de Jong

How does a child prodigy influence the relationships within a family of perfectionists?

Noa Wildschut is just 14 years old and is considered to be the biggest violin talent in the Netherlands. She is continually inundated with requests for concerts both inside and outside the country. Noa is very close to her older sister Avigal who also plays violin but whose ambitions lie elsewhere. Sisters follows this musical family for many years and highlights the unique relationships that arise from the exceptional talent of Noa. It is also a coming of age film about two sensitive girls going through puberty.

80‘ / colour    

Original title: ZUSJES
Prod: Basalt Film (NL) - Simone van den Broek
Co-prod: 24Classics (NL), NTR (NL)        
Sc: Simonka de Jong            
D.O.P.: Adri Schrover
Completed: July 2017        
Language: Dutch, English

Simonka de Jong:
THE ONLY SON (2012, doc) Awards: a.o. Best Human Cultural Film Award Flagstaff Mountain FF, Silver Nanook Award for Disclosure of Global Topics at a Personal Level Flahertiana FF, THE SILENT HISTORIAN (2011, doc), CZECH CHRISTMAS (2005, doc) Special Mention Rozstaje Europy/Crossroads of Europe Lublin.

Basalt Film
Ph: +31 10 412 6946

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