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The Silent Ray (Rossella Nisio, 2019)

Silent Ray, The

The Silent Ray is a downwards exploration of the sometimes destructive desire of individuals to challenge mediocrity and break free from it. It is based on photographs the artist’s grandfather made when he was fighting as a voluntary member of the fascist militia in Ethiopia in 1935-36. Oscillating between memory and hallucination, the work is a rendition of the delirious memories of a terminally ill man in his failed attempt to rationalize an unfulfilled thirst for transcendence.

18'39" / Prores, DCP / colour

Genre: experimental animation
Original title: Il Raggio Silenzioso
written, directed, produced by: Rossella Nisio
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Completed: 2019

Filmograpy Rosssella Nisio: The Splintering Sun (2018, short), The Banquet (2019, short)

Producer: Manic Owl Works

Distributor: EYE Experimental

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