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The Silent Army by director Jean van de Velde
Silent Army, The - A child missing in the heart of Africa

Silent Army, The

The Silent Army is based on true stories of children from War Child projects and is set in the world of child soldiers in Africa. One night the young Abu, along with a dozen other children from his village, is kidnapped by rebels. Thomas is the son of Dutch cook Eduard who runs a restaurant in Africa, and the boy is inconsolable when he finds his best friend has gone. Eduard decides to find out what happened to Abu and starts discovering the harsh reality of the lives of child soldiers (drama, 90’, 35mm).

Directed by Jean van de Velde
Key cast: Marco Borsato, Thekla Reuten, Ricky Koole, Andrew Kintu
Producer: The Entertainment Group Films

Cannes International Film festival 09 - International premiere
Pusan International Film Festival 09
Los Angeles Afi FilmFest 09
Belize International Film festival 10
Montreal International Black Film Festival 2010


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