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Sexy Money by Karin Junger
Sexy Money

Sexy Money

A growing group of illegal prostitutes from West Africa settle in the suburbs of major European cities. They come to escape poverty, but for most of them the European adventure is a disappointment that ends when they fly back home empty-handed. The film listens to the women talk about their adventure and shows how two build a new life after they return to Nigeria. The film is not just a plea for their resilience but also an expression of it.

80’ / DCP / colour   

Original title: SEXY MONEY
Dir: Karin Junger
Prod: De Productie
Sc: Karin Junger           
D.O.P.: Karin Junger   
Completed: December 2013       
Language: English (English subtitles)   

Karin Junger:
a.o. A BETTER LIFE (2008, doc), BOLLETJES BLUES (2006, feature), GREAT! (2003, short) Awards: a.o. Silver Bear Int. FF Berlin, MAMA BENZ & THE TASTE OF MONEY (2001, doc), GOD IS MY CO-PILOT (2000, doc), CHICKIES, BABIES & WANNABIES (1999, doc).

De Productie
Ph: +31 10 476 3388

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