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Sentenced for Life by Carin Goeijers
Sentenced for Life

Sentenced for Life

Hardly anyone in the Netherlands is aware that a life sentence in Holland literally means a whole life of imprisonment. In this documentary Carin Goeijers examines the married life of Louis Hagemann, serving a life sentence, and his wife Jacqueline. Louis was convicted for a double murder in 2005. In this film we slowly discover the essence of the couple’s unconditional love. How will their relationship survive this stagnant and hopeless situation?

75’ / DCP / colour   

Original title: LEVENSLANG
Dir: Carin Goeijers
Prod: Pieter van Huystee Film       
D.O.P.: Gregor Meerman
Completed: September 2014   
Language: Dutch (English subtitles)   

Carin Goeijers:
a.o. BAHAR (2013, doc), DEWOLFF (2011, doc), FATHERS ISLE (2006, doc), GOD IS MY DJ (2006, doc), VALLEY OF SIGHS (2004, doc), I SOENI (2003, doc).

Pieter van Huystee Film
Ph: +31 20 421 0606

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