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Sea Factory by Pim Zwier
Sea Factory

Sea Factory

Since part of the Baltic fleet moved away most of Kronstadt is no longer a closed military city. With the renewed cathedral as the centrepiece, the city revises its own destination to fill the void that was left behind. The photographic process of colour separation used in the film emphasises the city's current state between past and future: the heroic turbulent history,changing of ideologies, and growing tourism. 'Sea Factory' is the second film in a series of works inspired by the photography of Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii and was created during the NCCA artist in residence in Kronstadt.

13' 30"/ DCP, HD file/ colour

Genre: experimental, material research
Producer: Pim Zwier
Scenario: Pim Zwier
Language: no dialogue
Completed: 2017

Pim Zwier
all short, selection) Roosje's Athlete 35133 (2004), Bidcatcher (2007, co-dir), Jolanda 23 (2008, doc), Sarah Ann (2008), Sutrapeze (2010), Oerdak, Poem in Progress (2010), Atemberaubend (2012), Alles was irgendwie nützt/All What Is Somehow Useful (2014), They Call Us the Enemy (2015)

Distributor: EYE Experimental
Ph: +3120 58 91 446

Festival selections: Luca Film Festival 2017; Nederlands Film Festival 2017; Kansk Film festival 2017; Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2017; Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2017; Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2018

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