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Schneider VS. Bax by Alex van Warmerdam
Schneider VS. Bax

Schneider VS. Bax

On his birthday, hit man Schneider's target is Ramon Bax, a writer. It's an easy job. It'll be over before noon. Schneider reluctantly accepts. Bax is recovering from a night of drugs and alcohol. When his daughter Francisca arrives, depressed and unhappy, they quarrel and she starts to cry. Bax suppresses his discomfort with vodka, a joint and some haphazardly chosen pills. What seems a simple hit job for Schneider turns out to be a lot more complicated...

90' / DCP / colour

Genre: crime
Original title: SCHNEIDER VS. BAX
Dir: Alex van Warmerdam
Prod: Graniet Film (NL)
Co-prod: CZAR TV(BE), VARA (NL)
Sc: Alex van Warmerdam
D.O.P.: Tom Erisman
Completed: spring/summer 2015
Language: Dutch
Cast: Tom Dewispelaere (BORGMAN), Alex van Warmerdam (THE LAST DAYS OF EMMA BLANK), Maria Kraakman (SCRAP WOOD WAR, HUNTING & SONS), Annet Malherbe (ACCUSED, BORGMAN).

Festivals a.o:
Locarno International Film Festival - International Competition
Toronto International Film Festival - Contemporary World Cinema
Hamburg Film Festival - Kaleidoscope
Chicago International Film Festival - Official Selection
Tokyo International Film Festival - World Focus
Chicago International Film festival
Fantastic Fest (Austin)
Jerusalem International Film Festival
Mumbai International Film Festival
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival
Warsaw International Film Festival

Alex van Warmerdam:
a.o. BORGMAN (2013, feature) AWARDS: a.o. Best Film Sitges Int. Fantastic FF, Golden Tower Award Best Film Palić European FF, THE LAST DAYS OF EMMA BLANK (2008, feature) Awards: European Cinema Award Venice IFF, WAITER (2006, feature), GRIMM (2003, feature), LITTLE TONY (1998, feature), THE DRESS (1996, feature) Awards: FIPRESCI Award Venice IFF, THE NORTHERNERS (1992, feature) Awards: EFA European Film Award for Best Young Film, Best Score and Best Art Director.

Graniet Film
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