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Sayed Soccer Talent by Hans Groenendijk
Sayed Soccer Talent - 11-year-old Sayed Abdullah Sulaiman is a soccer talent from Kuwait

Sayed Soccer Talent

SAYED, SOCCER TALENT portrays 11-year-old Sayed Abdullah Sulaiman, a soccer talent from Kuwait. After Sayed’s parents placed a video of their son on internet, Sayed was invited to play for several European clubs, including Barcelona and Feyenoord.

After the release of the documentary Sayed played a while for Excelsior in the Netherlands. In Kuwait the media were paying attention to his talent as well, by producing a real life soap about his life.

Directed by Hans Groenendijk
Produced by Groener Gras Producties
Ph. +31 10 820 0365

Buster Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2010

Honourable Mention Gulf Film Festival Dubai 2009


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