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Dead & Beautiful by David Verbeek - screening in Limelight

EFM - Nine Film

EFM - Nine Film Nelleke Driessen - Dutch sales outfit Nine Film - talks about EFM slate... - Read more

EFM - Incredible Film

EFM - Incredible Film Dutch sales agent Incredible Film's Danielle Raaphorst at EFM... - Read more

Berlin Shorts - Easter Eggs

Berlin Shorts - Easter Eggs Co-producer Ka-Ching’s Joost van den Bosch talks to SEE NL... - Read more

Dutch talents hit Berlin

Dutch talents hit Berlin four unique and distinctive Dutch talents selected for 2021 Berlinale Ta... - Read more

Rotterdam 2021 - films from the Netherlands

50th International Film Festival Rotterdam
1 - 7 February
| 2 - 6 June

In our IFFR catalogue below you'll find an overview of the Dutch films and co-productions that are selected for IFFR's Tiger Competition, Ammodo Tiger Short Competition and Limelight, including the Press & Industry screening times, and also the projects from the Netherlands that are part of IFFR Pro's CineMart, BoostNL and Immersive.

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FEAST world premieres in IFFR's Tiger Competition.
It was a case which baffled and horrified almost everyone in the Netherlands. In Groningen in 2007, three men deliberately injected other acquaintances they met at sex parties with HIV-infected blood. In the eyes of the media, these men were evil in the extreme. In FEAST director Tim Leyendekker' explores the circumstances behind the case in.
Continue to read the interview...


Tiger Shorts Logo
Two politically charged Dutch films compete in IFFR Tiger Shorts Competition 2021; Ghita Skali's absurdist THE HOLE'S JOURNEY and Mateo Vega's ER IS EEN GEEST VAN MIJ.
The filmmakers talk to SEE NL...



In MITRA world premieres in IFFR Limelight, Dutch/Iranian director Kaweh Modiri turns to the story he has carried with him all his life, one of murder, betrayal and a mother's demand for vengeance. Continue to read about MITRA...



David Verbeek's sleek new Asian-set psychological drama DEAD & BEAUTIFUL has taken a small eternity to complete. The film, which world premieres in IFFR Limelight, was originally developed as a Shanghai-set project way back in 2013. The Dutch writer-director has finally completed the film but has set it in Taiwan, where he is currently living. Read the interview with David Verbeek...






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