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Roofwalkers by Ramaz Melashvilli


Genre: drama
Original title: DAKLOPERS
10’ / 35mm / colour

Two men hold a daily meeting on the roof of their house, a neutral place between their hope and misery.

Dir: Ramaz Melashvilli
Prod: Studio één 
Language: Dutch (English subtitles) 

Ramaz Melashvilli:
THE LAKE (2009, short), SEMBLANCE (2009, short), THE MIGRANT BODY (2007, short), MOONLIGHT THROUGH THE WINDOW (2007, short), INFINITY OF THE MIRROR (2006, short), IN SEARCH OF WARM PLACES (2005, short doc), DREAMING (2005, short), INK AND BLOOD (2004, short).

Studio één
Ph: +31 6 218 77936

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