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Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train — The People’s View

On June 8, 1968, amidst a year wracked by division and violence, the casket of assassinated Senator and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was transported on a funeral train from New York City to Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands of people united along the tracks in a spontaneous expression of grief.

'Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train-The People's View' presents a cinematographic reflection on this historic train journey from the people's perspective. Over the last four years, Rein Jelle Terpstra collected the mourners' photographs, films, and accounts of that muggy summer day, presenting a counterview to the famous series by photojournalist Paul Fusco, who photographed the crowds from aboard the funeral train. 

This film consists of photographs, home movies, and an original sound recording of a high school band playing along the tracks that day. It also contains the accounts of witnesses to the funeral train. By linking them together in the spirit of the people who lined the tracks, this film aims to add a modest new chapter to the American collective memory.

8'42" / HD File / colour

Genre: experimental, documentary
Original film title: Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train - The People's View
Dir: Rein Jelle Terpstra
Producer: Rein Jelle Terpstra
Scenario: Rein Jelle Terpstra
Language: English
Completed: 2018

Rein Jelle Terpstra
first film

Distributor: EYE Experimental

Festival selections: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2019, Paris Short Film Festival 2019



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