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Rhubarb by Mark de Cloe


How difficult can it be to just be happy with one another?

Winnie (12) and Siem (12) meet when their parents, Rik and Tosca, fall in love in the playground of their school. They quickly form a ‘patchwork family’. Siem is pretty used to this as his father, Rik, has been through two marriages already. Siem and Winnie get on really well and are looking forward to the upcoming wedding of their parents. But when irritations and bickering start to take over between Rik and Tosca, Siem and Winnie’s faith in a new happy family takes its first knock. They decide to help their parents out by making an ‘instruction video’ for them with useful relationship tips. While filming the kids become even closer. How difficult can it be to just be happy with one another?

70' / DCP/ colour

Genre: drama
Original title: RABARBER
Dir: Mark de Cloe
Prod: NL Film & TV (NL)
Co-prod: KNRO, NCRV (NL)
Sc: Maarten Lebens        
D.O.P.: Jan Moeskops
Completed: January 2014  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Thor Braun, Nina Wyss, Korneel Evers, Fockeline Ouwerkerk.

Seoul International Youth Film Festival
Cinekid - Lion Audience Award for Best Dutch Family Film

Mark de Cloe
MEN IN THE CITY (2013, feature), THE STRONGEST MAN IN HOLLAND (2011, feature) Awards: Nominee Emmy Award 2013, Winner Prix Europa 2011 Best TV Fiction Programme of the Year, SHOCKING BLUE (2010, feature), LIFE IN ONE DAY (2009, feature), FALSE WALTZ (2004, feature) Award: Prix Italia.

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