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The Return of the Honey Buzzard by Stanley kolk
Return of the Honey Buzzard, the

Return of the Honey Buzzard, the

Simon is forced to close his bookshop, but when he witnesses a suicide memories of his youth creep up on him and his life transforms into a tumultuous dream.

Simon Antonisse is a bookseller who is forced to close his shop because of disappointing sales. Disaster strikes when he witnesses a suicide, at which point memories of his youth overtake him, slowly transforming his life into a tumultuous dream. Only Floor, a young girl he meets by chance, can offer him the peace and solace he so longs for.

85' / colour

Genre: drama, thriller
Dir: Stanley Kolk
Prod: Family Affair Films - Floor Onrust
Co-prod: AVRO-TROS
Sc: Philip Delmaar
D.O.P.: Menno Westendorp
Completed: spring 2017
Language: Dutch
Cast: Benja Bruining (THE FAMILY WAY, THE FURY), Sanne Langelaar (THE ADMIRAL, AS IF I'M CRAZY), Mandele Wee Wee.

Festivals a.o.:
Noida International Film Festival
Slemani International Film Festival

Stanley Kolk:
First feature film.

Family Affair Films
Ph: +31 20 707 1713



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