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Retrospekt by Esther Rots


When Mette’s care agency can’t provide support for Rineke, a victim of domestic violence, Mette welcomes her into her family - with life-changing consequences.

While on maternity leave, Mette (37) questions why the fulfilment she once felt with her husband and daughter is no longer there. She realises her life might lack real purpose. At work, a client of hers, Rineke, is not receiving the help she desperately needs. Mette grasps the opportunity to do something meaningful, inviting Rineke into her home. Suddenly, Rineke is in panic, terrified that her ex-boyfriend is coming. The two women flee together, but then a car appears and is approaching very quickly…

90' /  colour

Genre: drama
Original title: RETROSPEKT
Dir: Esther Rots
Prod: Rots Filmwerk (NL) - Hugo Rots, Column Film Nederland (NL) - Gijs van de Westelaken, Chantal van der Horst
Co-prod: Serendipity Films (BE)
Sc: Esther Rots 
D.O.P.: Lennert Hillege
Sound design & music: Dan Geesin
Completed: May 2018
Language: Dutch, Flemish
Cast: Circé Lethem (THE TREATMENT, BULLHEAD), Lien Wildemeersch, Teun Luijkx (& ME, A’DAM – E.V.A), Rian Gerritsen (BLACK BOOK, THE RESURRECTION OF A BASTARD).

Festivals a.o.:
Toronto International Film Festival
Berlin International Film Festival
Melbourne International Film Festival

Esther Rots:
Second feature film.
CAN GO THROUGH SKIN (2009, feature), I SPROUT (2003, short), PLAY WITH ME (2002, short).

Rots Filmwerk

Column Film Nederland
Ph: +31 20 572 2700

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