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The Restitution Committee by Ditteke Mensink
Restitution Committee, The

Restitution Committee, The

A unique insight into the dealings of The Restitution Committee that decides upon ownership of artworks looted by the Nazis.

Ten years ago the Dutch government set up the Restitution Committee to deal with the restitution of works of art looted during the Nazi occupation. The Committee granted the filmmakers unique access to proceedings durign one of the claims, from research to claimant consultation, reaction from the museum in possession of the work through to the final verdict.

90‘ / DCP / colour   

Dir.: Ditteke Mensink
Prod: Pieter van Huystee Film       
Sc: Ditteke Mensink           
D.O.P.: Gregor Meerman
Completed: summer 2016       
Language: Dutch/English

Ditteke Mensink:
a.o. Tony (2011, doc) The Conductor and his Matthaus (2010,doc), Farewell (2009) Award: Golden Calf Best Feature Doc Netherlands FF, 26.000 Faces (2005), Room with a View (2001).

Pieter van Huystee Film   
Ph: +31 20 421 0606

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