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REM by Tomas Koolhaas


Architecture is often seen from the outside, as an inanimate object represented in still imagery. REM exposes the human experience of architecture.

From design and construction all the way through to years of post-occupancy, REM is a feature length documentary that explores the human stories behind the buildings designed by Rem Koolhaas. The film follows the man himself at close hand, revealing unexplored aspects of his life, his working methods, his thought processes and his ideas.

75’ / DCP / colour      

Original title: REM
Dir.: Tomas Koolhaas
Prod: Paragon films LLC           
D.O.P.: Tomas Koolhaas
Completed: February 2016   
Language: Dutch/English   

Tomas Koolhaas:
First feature length documentary.
HEAVY (2008, short).

Paragon films LLC   

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