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Regret by Dave Schram


David finally defends his friend Jochem who is bullied at school, but do his actions come too late?

Jochem's classmates bully him all the time. His friend David doesn't join in, but he is scared to say anything. On the face of it Jochem doesn't seem to let the harrassment get to him, but one morning the headmaster tells the class that he didn't come home after a party. David feels guilty. Together with a friend, he sets out to find Jochem and tell him they are sorry. But during their search, they find Jochem’s bagpack in a lake…

95’ / DCP / colour

Genre: highschool drama
Original title: SPIJT!
Prod: Shooting Star Filmcompany
Dir: Dave Schram
Co-prod: KRO       
Sc: Maria Peters, Dick van den Heuvel           
D.O.P.: Erwin Steen
Completed: February 2013       
Language: Dutch
Cast: Robin Boissevain (THE THRONE), Stefan Collier (THE INDIAN, BEATRIX: A QUEEN BESIEGED), Dorus Witte (VIPER’S NEST).

Festivals and awards a.o:
Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) - Gryphon for Best Film Generator
Carousell International du Film de Rimouski (Quebec, Canada) - Camerio Award for Best Feature 13+ and Audience Award
China International Children's Film Festival
Lucas Children and Youth Film Festival (Germany)
Juniorfest (Czech Republic)
Children's Film Fest, Bonn (Germany)
Cinepanz, Children's Film Fest, Bonn (Germany)
Chemnitz International Film Festival for Children and Youth - Schlingel (Germany) - Youth Film Award + Fair Play Award
Malmö International Children's and Young People's Film Festival - BUFF (Sweden) - The Young People’s Film Award
Stockholm International Film Festival JUNIOR (Sweden)
TIFF Kids Toronto (Canada) - Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film
European Film Awards: Winner Young Audience Award 2014
Seoul International Youth Film Festival

Dave Schram:

FURIOUS (2011, feature), LOVER OR LOSER (2009, feature), DESPERATE (2008, feature), TIMBUKTU (2007, feature).

Shooting Star Filmcompany
Ph: +31 20 624 7272

Sales: Mountain Road Entertainment Group
Ph: +31 35 623 5559

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Press Releases
31-03-2014  REGRET nominee EFA Young Audience Award
23-09-2013  REGRET reaches Platinum status
28-06-2013  REGRET reaches Golden status

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