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Recipes for the Future

17 December 2020

The Department of Culture and Communication of the Netherlands Embassy in Germany, has published the book Recipes for the Future - Previews from cultural quarantine.

Sixteen Dutch and German based writers, academics, philosophers, singers, designers, visual artists, and theatre producers imagine a future after the pandemic in Recipes for the Future. The collection of essays includes themes like utopias, sustainability, the new homeliness, and the position of cultural institutions. These are joined with recipes that every person has contributed, varying from Corona ice cream to French Toast to Mushrooms at the End of the World.

Recipes for the Future is a project from Dutch cultural-diplomatic posts in Berlin and Düsseldorf, and released by the Eindhoven-based publisher Onomatopee. Valerie Houppermans and Lene ter Haar, together with head of culture and communication Beate Gerlings, developed the idea to inspire and reflect on Dutch-German collaboration. They approached 16 contributers, whose projects were cancelled because of the pandemic, to share a sketch of their vision of the future and their favourite recipes.

With contributions from Cees Nooteboom, Chloé Rutzerveld, Eva Meijer, David Duindam, Claudia Martinez Garay & Arturo Kaneya, Jonas Staal, Impakt Festival (Lancel/Maat, onseconds & Ali Eslami), Tim van der Loo, New Heroes Foundation, MVRDV, Miloš Trakilović, Kinke Kooi & Lisa Klosterkötter, Ariëlla Kornmehl, Sabine Kühlich & Guests, Annemie Vanackere & Walter Bart & Jeroen Versteele,
Rolando Vázquez Melken & Lies Mensink and Sanne Blauw.
Accompanied with images contributed by Philipp Guelland, Enzo Pérès-Labourdette, Semâ Bekirović, Marit Shalem, Albert Verkade, Salim Bayri, Hedi Baka.

Composed by Beate Gerlings, Lene ter Haar, Valérie-Anne Houppermans & Astrid Kaminski.
Produced by The Department of Culture and Communication from the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Consulate General in Germany.
Graphic Design: Wibke Bramesfeld
Publisher: Onomatopee Projects

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