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Director Rudolf van den Berg
Real Vermeer, A

Real Vermeer, A

A talented artist decides to take revenge on art critics by creating works attributable to his idol Johannes Vermeer.

Based on the life of Han van Meegeren, an exceptionally talented but narcissistic painter clashes with the art critics, who are themselves in love with fashionable movements such as impressionism and expressionism. He decides therefore to take revenge by creating ‘new’ paintings of his great idol Vermeer.

103’ / DCP / colour

Genre: creative biopic
Original title: EEN ECHTE VERMEER
Dir.: Rudolf van den Berg
Prod: Rinkel Film (NL), Fu Works (NL), Cadenza Films (NL)
Co-prod: Tarantula (LU), Living Stone (BE)   
Sc: Jan Eilander, Rudolf van den Berg   
D.O.P.: Goert Giltay
Completed: September 2016
Language: Dutch
Cast: Jeroen Spitzenberger (The Paradise Suite, Süskind), Lize Feryn, Porgy Franssen (The Heinken Kidnapping, 170Hz), Roeland Fernhout (The Admiral, Scap Wood War).

Festivals a.o.:
MOSTRA - Sao Paulo international Film Festival

Rudolf van den Berg:
a.o. SÜSKIND (2011, feature) Awards a.o: Audience Award Best Narrative Feature Jewish FF Atlanta, TIRZA (2010, feature) Award: Golden Calf Best Director Netherlands FF, SNAPSHOTS (2002, feature), GOODNIGHT VIENNA! (1997, feature) Award: Golden Calf Best Director Netherlands FF, THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY (1996, feature), THE JOHNSONS (1992, feature), THE EVENINGS (1989, feature) Award: Golden Calf Best Film Netherlands FF.

Rinkel Film
Ph: +31 20 616 3231

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