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Re-Sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal (Michiel van Bakel, 2019)

Re-Sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal

Drifting between data and images and hovering amidst seemingly incompatible moods: Tarkovsky’s cinematic dreams on the one hand and Zonnestraal’s utopian architecture on the other.

Sanatorium Zonnestraal (1928): Famous symbol of enlightened rational thinking par excellence: transparency, light, air, tranquillity and space. ‘One of modern architecture's most important buildings’ (Wikipedia). The contrast with the sick person in need of healing could hardly be greater. Van Bakel has scanned the sanatorium building and converted it to 'point clouds’ that turn into models where you seem to move in between - or rather: seem to fly through - as in a dream. He combines these ghostly, whimsical images with the fragmented dream images of buildings, landscapes and a sporadic human figure derived from the masterful films of Andrei Tarkovsky: Stalker, Solaris, Nostalghia, The Mirror. Photogenic images with an almost magical inexplicability that resemble a hallucination. Using photogrammetry Van Bakel interpreted Tarkovsky’s film scenes to point clouds, enabling him to move freely through the otherworldly images as if flying through a surreal dream-scape.

Artist statement: ‘In this film I wanted the modernist clinic to be like the outside shell from
where you can start dreaming and dive inward, to the psychic realm: on to the subconscious, more dark, magical dream world. Why reinterpret Tarkovski’s work? Because it has those unique immaterial qualities that can put you outside of time.’

Additional info: A sanatorium is a medical facility, a clinic, for long-term illness (in the pre-antibiotic era). It is a well-known topic from literature; Thomas Mann’s novel The Magic Mountain is set in a sanatorium - a metaphor for the sick state Europe was in around World War I with aggressive nationalism and militarism. Sanatorium Zonnestraal was built in 1928, the same year Mann’s novel was published. In Zonnestraal people would rest, sunbathe (heliotherapy) and of course, dream.

With images & samples from: Sanatorium Zonnestraal Hilversum, Tarkovsky's films: Ivan's Childhood, Solaris, Mirror, Stalker, Nostalghia and Terry Riley's 'In C'

Van Bakel made an interactive installation with partially the same source material. See: https://www.michielvanbakel.nl/2019/11/re-sculpted-in-time-sanatorium-zonnestraal/

9' 50" / 4K UHD file, DCP / colour

Genre: experimental
Directed by: Michiel van Bakel
Producer: Michiel van Bakel
Scenario: Michiel van Bakel
Language: no dialogue
Completed: 2020

Michiel van Bakel (selection) Hovering over Wasteland (1998, short), 5 AM (2002, short), Narcissus Narcosis (2002-2003, instal), Equestrian (2003, short), Corrente/Flow (2004, instal), Zinc Garden (2004, short), Skywalker (2005, short), An Atomical Theatre (2005, short), Panopticon (2006, short), Time Ring (2006, instal, co-dir), Zarathustra an der Donau (2006, short), Inner Machine (2007, short), Ozymandias (2008, short), Collision (2008, short), Combat (2009, short), Sensibel (2010, short), Walking City Redox (2011, short), Edison Bay (2013, short), Fly-over (2013. short), Hortus (Magnolia) (2013, short), Noctambulist (2014, short), Zen Garden (2014), Flood (2014, short), Poppies (2014, short), Multicolor Red Granite (2015, short), Jaagpad/Towing path (2015, short), Mill in Sunlight (2015, short), Road Trip to the Dutch Mountains  (2016, short), Forest Paths (2018, short), Hours of Glass (2019, short)

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