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Rathaus Ahlen  (Arianne Olthaar, 2019)

Rathaus Ahlen

Images of the interior and exterior of the city hall in Ahlen (NRW, Germany) in its present state and in absence of people. Due to the lack of maintenance and altered ideas about design in public space, the city hall – once a showpiece - is no longer beloved and is threatened by demolition. The film ends with a number of slides that were made by the architect during the opening in1974: visitors gaze with admiration to an unknown modernity.

10'52" / HD File / colour / sound

Prod: Arianne Olthaar  
Scen: Arianne Olthaar
Country: The Netherlands
Completed: 2019
Language: no dialogue
Screening format: HD File

Arianne Olthaar:
(all short) Bos (1993, co-dir), Ziektebed (1993, co-dir), Pruiken (1993, co-dir), Chinees Circus (1996, co-dir), Beren (1996, co-dir), 1-0 voor de wolven (1996, co-dir), Rein & Claude (1998, co-dir), Ivan de spitsboef (1998, co-dir), What's All the Commotion! (1999, co-dir), Nooit meah slapen (2000, co-dir), Souvenir uit Afrika (2002, co-dir), Caviadisco (2002, co-dir), Elefanten Boots (2005, co-dir), TNO Rijswijk 1998 (2007, co-dir), Binnenverblijven/Zoo Enclosures (2008), Restauratiewagens/Dining Cars (2010), Hotel Nachtclub/Hotel Nightclub (2010)

Distributor: EYE Experimental

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