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Quality Time by Daan Bakker
Quality Time

Quality Time

A film in five parts, about life in general and troubled men in particular.

Koen attends a family reunion and nearly overdoses on ham and milk. Amateur photographer Stefaan takes an awkward trip down memory lane. Kjell travels back in time in an attempt to raise his self-esteem. Karel is abducted by aliens and comes back as a mutant. Jef's paranoia gets in the way when he tries to impress his new in-laws.
QUALITY TIME consists of five short stories about young men who struggle through life. Rigorous shifts in tone and style are used to reflect the absurdity of human existence.

85' / colour, b&w

Genre: drama
Original title: QUALITY TIME
Prod: Pupkin (NL) - Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers
Co-prod: Leader Films (NO), VPRO (NL)
Sc: Daan Bakker
D.O.P.: Robbie van Brussel
Completed: December 2016
Language: Dutch, Norwegian, English
Cast: Noël Keulen (LITTLE GANGSTER, HUNTING & SONS), Thomas Aske Berg (HOLE IN ONE), Giulio D'Anna (BUKOWSKI), Steve Aernouts (LIEBLING).

Festivals & awards:
International Film Festival Rotterdam - Tiger Awards Competition, Winner MovieZone Award
Shanghai International Film Festival
Taipei International Film Festival
Moscow International Film Festival
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Daan Bakker:
First feature film.
BUKOWSKI (2010, short), JACCO'S FILM (2009, short).

Ph: +31 20 489 5088

Sales: M-appeal
Ph: +49 30 6150 7505



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