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Putin’s Olympic Dream by Hans Pool
Putin’s Olympic Dream

Putin’s Olympic Dream

Putin’s Olympic Dream is about the rapid transformation of the city of Sochi. In just a couple of years it must be refashioned from a nostalgic Soviet holiday resort, filled with gorgeous sanatoriums, into a modern Russian city. The Olympic Winter Games will be held there in February 2014, and literally everything and everyone must yield to them in order to turn this status project of President Putin into a success.

78’ / DCP / colour   

Original title: DE DROOM VAN POETIN
Dir: Hans Pool
Prod: Zeppers Film & TV   
Sc: Hans Pool           
D.O.P.: Gregor Meerman
Completed: November 2013       
Language: Russian (English subtitles)   

Hans Pool:
a.o. DUTCH WEED (2011, doc), VAN DIS IN AFRICA (2007, doc), PAIN (2006, short doc), REMBRANDT INC. (2006, doc), LOOKING FOR AN ICON (2005, short doc).

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