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Prey by Dick Maas


A lion terrorizes the city of Amsterdam

When the police discover the bodies of a slaughtered family living on a farm just outside of Amsterdam, they are clueless as to what happened. Lizzy, an attractive veterinarian working in the Amsterdam Zoo, confirms their suspicions; there must be a lion on the loose! And judging by the wounds of the mutilated victims, the lion must be big, strong and very vicious!

109’ / DCP / colour

Genre: action/adventure, drama, horror
Original title: PROOI
Dir.: Dick Maas
Prod: Shooting Star Filmcompany (NL)
Co-prod: Parachute Pictures (NL), Czar (BE)   
Sc: Dick Maas           
D.O.P.: Lennert Hillege
Completed: June 2016       
Language: Dutch
Cast: Sophie van Winden (KENAU), Julian Looman (COP STORIES), Mark Frost (LAW & ORDER).       

Festivals a.o.:
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
Timberline Logde Overlook Film Festival

Dick Maas:
a.o. QUIZ (2012, feature), SAINT (2010, feature), KILLERBABES (2007, feature), DOWN (2001, feature), DO NOT DISTURB (1999, feature), FLODDER III (1995, feature), FLODDER DOES MANHATTAN (1992, feature), AMSTERDAMNED (1988, feature), FLODDER (1986, feature), THE LIFT (1980, feature).

Shooting Star Filmcompany
Ph: +31 20 624 7272

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