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Pregnant & Co

A feelgood film about family and family expansion.

Midwife Merel (36) is single and wishes to be a mother. With her biological clock ticking, she takes matters into her own hands, instead of waiting for the perfect man. Meanwhile her father Piet (60+) and his younger wife welcome their new baby. And Merel's niece Eva (23) is unexpectedly pregnant too. They're all on a pink cloud: but for how long...

100' / colour

Genre : romantic comedy
Original title: ZWANGER & CO
Dir: Johan Nijenhuis
Prod: Johan Nijenhuis & Co - Ingmar Menning
Sc: Aliefka Bijlsma, Jacqueline Epkamp
D.O.P.: Maarten van Keller
Completed: July 2021
Language: Dutch
Cast: Bo Maerten, Lieke van Lexmond, Thom Hoffman, Carolina Dijkhuizen, Matteo van der Grijn, Waldemar Torenstra, Maaike Martens, Manuel Broekman

Johan Nijenhuis:
a.o. MARRIAGE ESCAPE (2020, feature), CUBAN LOVE (2019, feature), LUCKY IN LOVE (2017, feature), BOYS WILL BE BOYS (2016, feature), SKIRT DAY (2015, feature), MONKEY BUSINESS (2014, feature), TUSCAN WEDDING (2014, feature), LOVING IBIZA (2013, feature), BENNIE BRAT (2011, feature) Award: Best Film-Kryla Int. Children's FF, FUCHSIA THE MINIWITCH (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Best Children's Movie(6+)-Giffoni FF.

Johan Nijenhuis & Co
Ph: +31 20 760 1960


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