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POSITION AMONG THE STARS by Leonard Retel Helmrich has won yet another award. At the ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival in Croatia (February 27 – March 6) the documentary was awarded the Big Stamp Award for Best Film of the International Competition.

From the jury report: ‘We decided to present the main award to this film because of its successful intertwining of the family relationship microlevel with a reflection on social issues, such as religious tolerance and poverty. We believe that it demonstrates exceptional directing skill in the tradition of direct film – this warm, but not at all banal story is built around the omnipresent, but unobtrusive camera that remains close to the protagonists in both happy and devastating moments.’

Earlier the film had already won the World Cinema Special Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival (January 20 – 30) and at IDFA (November 17-28, 2010) it picked up both the Award for Best Feature-length Documentary and for Best Dutch Documentary. In 2004/5 Dutch director Leonard Retel Helmrich had also won the main awards at IDFA and Sundance for SHAPE OF THE MOON.  He is the first filmmaker ever to win IDFA and Sundance twice.

POSITION AMONG THE STARS is produced Hetty Naaijkens - Retel Helmrich for Scarabee Films and is represented worldwide by Films Transit. POSITION AMONG THE STARS has been released theatrically in The Netherlands by Cinema Delicatessen on March 3.

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