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Portable Life by Fleur Boonman
Portable Life

Portable Life

Where life carries us and where we carry life.

PORTABLE LIFE is a modern road movie with an international cast, a tale that travels through Belgium, France, Romania, Poland, South-Africa and Indonesia. PORTABLE LIFE is the story of a young woman’s journey, a real and an inner voyage through parallel worlds and different times, where certain people are inextricably linked with each other.

100’ / video / colour

Genre: road movie
Original title: PORTABLE LIFE
Dir: Fleur Boonman
Prod: Fu Works (NL)
Co-prod: Savage Films (BE)
Sc: Fleur Boonman   
D.O.P.: Christopher Gallo
Completed: June 2011  
Language: Dutch/French/Indonesian/Afrikaans
Cast: Ella-June Henrard (BO), Rutger Hauer (BLADE RUNNER, TURKS FRUIT), Sam Louweyck (ANYWAY THE WIND BLOWS, EX DRUMMER), David Ram (SMALL GODS). 

Cinémondes - Festival International du Film Indépendant (Lille)
Oostende Film Festival - Ingeblikt

Fleur Boonman:
First feature film.

Fu Works
Ph: +31 20 530 7110


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