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Plastic Harem by Gabrielle Provaas & Rob Schröder
Plastic Harem

Plastic Harem

Dutch-Egyptian artist Tarik Sadouma lives and works in Caïro. Before the revolution he directed video clips, showing beautiful lady-singers, most of them shaped by plastic surgery. Now he is making life-size sculptures of these vixens. In this film he travels from the slums of Cairo to the nightclubs of Beirut and the Palaces of Dubai, trying to sell his controversial works. In doing so, he’s accompanied by his lifetime supporter, soul mate and ex-girlfriend, popstar Malak Al Naser.

93’ / DCP / colour     

Original title: PLASTIC HAREM
Dir: Gabrielle Provaas & Rob Schröder
Prod: De Haaien (NL)
Co-prod: NTR (NL)       
Sc: Gabrielle Provaas, Rob Schröder           
D.O.P.: Daan Nieuwenhuijs, Stein van Santen
Completed: April 2014       
Language: Dutch/Arabic (English subtitles)   

Gabrielle Provaas & Rob Schröder:
Second feature length documentary.
MEET THE FOKKENS (2011, doc) Awards: a.o. World Pulse RTP Award IndieLisboa, Best TV Doc Prix Europa Berlin.

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