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Pirates down the Street
Pirates down the Street

Pirates down the Street

Michael (12) is very happy with his new friend next door, pirate Billy, but not everyone in the area is pleased with the new neighbors...

The ordinary coastal town Sandsborough is turned upside down when the Blunderbuss family arrives, a sword-fighting, rum-drinking bunch of pirates. While the respectable residents are appalled by the family's ship-turned-home, guard shark and pet octopus, Michiel (12) becomes friends with the new boy next door, pirate Billy (13).
However, Michiel might lose his new friend when the Blunderbusses' archenemy Crooked Cornelius suddenly turns up, determined to lure the pirates back to sea...

95' / colour

Genre: children's, family
Dir: Pim van Hoeve
Prod: Johan Nijenhuis & Co - Ingmar Menning, Johan Nijenhuis
Sc: Sander de Regt
D.O.P.: Guido van Gennep
Completed: April 2020
Language: Dutch
Cast: Egbert-Jan Weeber (THE ADMIRAL, SAINT), Tygo Gernandt (KILL SWITCH, THE ADMIRAL), Matti Stooker (RANDOM SHIT), Samuel Beau Reurekas (CIRCUS NOËL).

Pim van Hoeve:
ORANGE FEVER (2018, feature ), DUMMIE THE MUMMY AND THE TOMB OF ACHNETUT (2017, feature), DUMMIE THE MUMMY AND THE SPHINX OF SHAKABA (2015, feature), DUMMIE THE MUMMY (2014, feature), LOVE TO LOVE (2003, feature).

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Ph: +31 20 760 1960

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