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People in Berlin by Rosemarie Blank
People in Berlin

People in Berlin

A kaleidoscope of images of the city and its people. The main characters are three immigrants and a native Berlin woman. The Slovenian 'butterfly man' sees Berlin as a hunting ground for insects. Two Congolese brothers mourn their father's death, a comrade of Patrice Lumumba. The aged Eva-Maria, once a fashion model, runs a fur shop in a poor district among jobless immigrants. However different they may be, they're all citizens of this multicultural city.

86' / DCP / colour

Original title: MENSCHEN IN BERLIN
Dir: Rosemarie Blank
Prod: Casa Film (NL)
Co-prod: Zig/Zag Filmproduction (NL)
Sc: Rosemarie Blank
D.O.P.: Rosemarie Blank
Completed: January 2015
Language: German

Rosemarie Blank:
a.o. BERLIN DIARY (2012, doc), JOB AND THE DUTCH FREESTATE (2009, doc), FAREWELL PAVEL (1999, feature), CROSSING BORDERS (1994, feature) Award: Golden Calf Best Director Netherlands FF.

Casa Film
Ph: +31 20 626 5550

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