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PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM, directed by Boris Gerrits and produced by Pieter van Huystee Film, has won the George Foundation Award for Best Direction in the Mid-Length Documentary category at the Visions du Réel festival (Nyon, Switzerland).

PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM is shot entirely on a mobile phone camera. The film evolved from two chance encounters in the streets of London. Its protagonists are Sandrine, an attractive young woman from Brazil on a mission to find a husband, Steve, a seasoned beggar, whose life is a continuous struggle with drug addiction and Precious, a poet who became Steve's girlfriend. Soon questions arise about the relationship between the filmmaker and the people he films and about real and imagined realities.

Earlier PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM already won the Award for Best-Mid Length documentary at IDFA.

Director Boris Gerrets and producer Pieter van Huystee were present in Nyon to receive the Award, and also to present Gerret’s new project LONG NIGHTS JOURNEY.

For more information:

Pieter van Huystee Film
Ph: +31 20 4210 606

Visions du Réel

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