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Pecker by Erik van Schaaik
Pecker - Without the pecking, life becomes unbearable!


In a barren, empty landscape, a chick struggles out of the egg. To prevent burning his tiny feet on the hot ground, he hops onto an infant ox, recently born. While still adjusting to the bright daylight, Os meets the little pecker who will accompany him for the rest of his life: Voog. No matter how hard Os tries to get rid of that annoying pecking bird, he doesn’t succeed. Voog has got it made. He has Os, it’s his entire world. And it is good, they belong together.
The uneasy partnership is drinking near a watering hole when suddenly a crocodile swallows the little bird whole. Right from the nose of Os. Os is flabbergasted, horrified and perhaps even a bit sad. However, when Voog reappears unharmed and resumes pecking his head, the annoyance returns. Os has to think of cunning plans to get rid of the pest. When he finally succeeds, the bird is deeply upset. But then, a terrible itch all over his body makes Os’s life unbearable. The only one who can help him is Voog. Scratching and itching all over, Os stumbles into Voog by chance, making Voog very happy about their reconciliation in the process.

PECKER is one of the four films that was selected for the Ultrakort competition of the Netherlands Film Fund in collaboration with Pathé, and will be screened in 70 Pathé theatres around the Netherlands during the summer of 2010.

Directed by Erik van Schaaik
Original title: PIK
Technique: claymation / digital 2D
Length: 2 minutes 55 seconds
Release date: july 2010
Language: no dialogue
Produced by The Drawing Room, Jiek Weishut, +31 6 2428 4466


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