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Paradise Drifters by Mees Peijnenburg
Paradise Drifters

Paradise Drifters

PARADISE DRIFTERS is a fragmented portrayal of three homeless young adults in search of money, love and happiness.
PARADISE DRIFTERS is a fragmented portrayal of the homeless young adults, Lorenzo, Yousef and Chloe. All three with different savage backgrounds, but with a shared insecurity about the future, without a base on which to fall back. What starts off as an individual search that must lead to money, chances and new opportunities appears to be a longing for human connection, security and mutual affection.

90’ / colour

Genre: drama
Dir: Mees Peijnenburg
Prod: Pupkin Film - Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs, Pieter Kuijpers
Creative Producer: Nathalie van der Burg
Sc: Mees Peijnenburg    
D.O.P.: Jasper Wolf
Completed: spring/summer 2019
Language: Dutch, English, French, Spanish
Cast: Bilal Wahib (MALIK, BROTHERS), Jonas Smulders (WE WILL NEVER BE ROYALS, BROTHERS), Tamar van Waning (DREAM SCHOOL), Joren Seldeslachts (BLIND, DOUBLE LIFE).

Mees Peijnenburg:
First feature film.
A HOLE IN MY HEART (2015, short) Award: Dutch Director’s Guild Award-Netherlands FF, WE WILL NEVER BE ROYALS (2015, TV film) Award: Golden Calf Best TV Drama-Netherlands FF, EVEN COWBOYS GET TO CRY (2013, short).

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