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Online platform for Dutch films planned

The Dutch Union of Film Producers (NVS), EYE Film Institute (the Dutch cinémathèque) and the Dutch Audiovisual Institute have joined forces to create FILMOTECH, a VOD platform that will make Dutch productions available for online viewing.

The official launch of the pay-per-view platform is planned for this autumn.

The platform will deliver Dutch feature films, documentaries and TV series directly to the viewers’ homes, both through the Internet and through deals with cable providers and pay TV. The initial focus will be on recent local material, though films from before 1940, more experimental work and international material will also be added.

Amsterdam-based distributor A-Film has signed an agreement with Filmotech to distribute its catalogue titles through its VOD portal. Major recent local successes include LOVE IS ALL, which was seen by over a million people in cinemas in 2007 and early 2008.

As well as its back catalogue, the distributor plans to make both new local and international titles available on Filmotech at the same time as it releases the films on DVD and Blu Ray.

The major advantage for distributors is that the VOD portal has industry-wide as well as state support.

The initiative is backed by the Dutch Film Fund, the Netherlands Film Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Dutch Directors’ Guild, the Screenwriters’ Network and the Ministry of Culture.

Source: Cineuropa - Boyd van Hoeij, Online platform for Dutch films planned, July 30 2010




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