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One Life Is Not Enough by Annette Apon
One Life Is Not Enough

One Life Is Not Enough

Fien de la Mar (1898-1965) was an actress whose extraordinary talent only brought her misery and misfortune.

Fien de la Mar (1898-1965) was an exceptional actress: cabaret performer, singer, but also a great tragedienne. Her life and her acting were intrinsically linked: a tragedy from which sublime accents were given form on stage. Through film fragments and photos the film evokes an image of the magic of her acting, and the euphoria and despair in her life. In the soundtrack we hear a play of sound from her film scenes and quotes from interviews about her.

71‘ / DCP / colour   

Original title: IK WIL GELUKKIG ZIJN
Dir.: Annette Apon
Prod: SNG Film       
Sc: Annette Apon
D.O.P.: Peter Brugman
Completed: January 2016       
Language: Dutch/English

Annette Apon:
a.o. DREAM & DEED (2012, doc), THE WAVES (1989, feature).

SNG Film
Ph: +31 20 686 7837

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