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Oerdak by Pim Zwier
Oerdak - a poem in progress


Oerdak – Poem in Progress is a portrait of the creation of a poem by poet Elmar Kuiper. The film is not only about the process of creation itself, but also about how Elmar relates to his bilingual background. He grew up with the Friesian language, but is bilingual in his head.

Director Pim Zwier has made some beautiful and succesful films. His short documentary BIDCATCHER won Best Documentary Award at the Finnish Tampere Film Festival 2008 and was nominated in the NPS New Arrivals Competition. The short documentary JOLANDA 23 was nominated for the UIP Award during the International Film Festival Rotterdam and won the prize for best short documentary at the Lago Film Festival, Italy. His short film SUPERTRAPEZE premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010.

Directed by Pim Zwier
Producer: Memphis Film & Television, ph. 0031 30 233 20 23 

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