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Now Something Is Slowly Changing by mint film office
Now Something Is Slowly Changing

Now Something Is Slowly Changing

A clear-cut, distinctly visual film about our present-day search for meaning, personal growth and performance improvement.

‘Now Something is Slowly Changing' is a visual portrayal of present-day coaching and training culture. Using only fixed, wide camera angles the film investigates forms of self-development and courses for inner growth and performance improvement observing animal assisted therapy sessions, a class in happiness for primary school children, "a coping with aggression and stress" course for law enforcement officers and a vlogger trying to calm her stressed-out followers with gentle, relaxing sounds.

105' / colour
Genre: Documentary
Original title: De Maakbare Mens
Dir: Menna Laura Meijer / mint film office
Prod: mint film office
Co-prod: -
Sc: mint film office
D.O.P.: David Spaans
Completed: Oktober 2018
Language: Dutch

Menna Laura Meijer / mint film office
WE MARGIELA (2017, doc), SEX? YES PLEASE! (2015, dosc), ESTONIA (2014, doc), 69 LOVE SEX SENIOR (2013, doc) Award: Best Doc-Love & Peace FF Sweden

mint film office


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