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Nova Zembla by Reinout Oerlemans
Nova Zembla

Nova Zembla

The epic story of the shipwrecked 16th century ship whose Dutch crew had to survive the gruesome polar winter.

Gerrit de Veer, a novice writer on a 16th century Dutch merchant vessel, chronicles the daring mission to discover a trade route across the North Pole to Asia. But the heroic journey turns into tragedy when the ship gets stuck in the relentless, penetrating ice. The men are forced to spend the winter on the frozen, arctic wasteland of Nova Zembla, fighting polar bears, hunger and lethal temperatures. Their chances of making it until the following spring are virtually zero…

Dir: Reinout Oerlemans
Scr: Hugo Heinen
Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Inspire Pictures

Completed: 2011

Kamchatka Northern Traveling Film Festival
Spitsbergen Northern Traveling Film Festival

Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Ph. +31 20 6661892

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