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Housewives Don't Exist by Aniëlle Webster
No Such Things as Housewives

No Such Things as Housewives

Two sisters and their mother find themselves forced to put their differences aside and reconsider the way they lead their lives and run their households.

Gijsje is a young and ambitious control freak who urgently wants to get both pregnant and ahead in her career. Her older and slightly messy sister Marjolein is married with three kids, and has just lost her job. Now she wants to become the best stay at home mom. Their bohemian mother has found herself in financial dire straits regarding the family mansion. The thought of losing ‘their’ family home is unbearable to the sisters so they resolve to find a solution to their mother’s problem.

103' /  colour

Genre: comedy
Dir: Aniëlle Webster
Prod: CTM Films - Denis Wigman, REP Film - Rick Engelkes, Frank Groenveld
Creative Prod: Sytze van der Laan
Co-prod: Marijn Wigman
Sc: Richard Kemper       
D.O.P.: Aage Hollander
Completed: October 2017
Language: Dutch
Cast: Eva van de Wijdeven, Jelka van Houten, Loes Luca, Jim Bakkum.

Aniëlle Webster:
Second feature film.
MISTER TWISTER AT THE PITCH (2016, feature) Awards: Audience award at Netherlands FF, FLIKKEN MAASTRICHT (2015, TV series), BLUF (2014, TV series), CELBLOK H (2014, TV series).

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