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A heavily overworked nurse is being stalked by a mysterious figure during her night shift in the nursing home. Julia is an efficient but enigmatic nurse; even her friendly colleague doesn't fully understand her weird behaviour. Frustrated by the workload and unaware of her stalker, Julia has a hard time soothing her favourite client, an old woman in critical health. Her stalker closely follows Julia on her busy routine, but she moves swiftly from client to client. When he demolishes the locked storage room in search of a weapon, Julia finally meets him face to face and things quickly take a turn for the extreme.

15' / colour

Genre: horror
Original title: NIGHTINGALE
Prod: Make Way Film – Monique van Kessel 
Sc: Simone Duwel
Completed: 2020 
Language: Dutch 

Jasper de Bruin:
a.o. FAST NACHT (2014, short)

Make Way Film
Ph: +31 10-8423953

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