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Mister Twister Goes Camping by Barbara Bredero


Interview: Michiel van Erp

26-09-2018  Interview: Michiel van Erp

Michiel van Erp's feature debut Open Seas will open the 2018 Netherlands Film Festival. He talks to Nick Cunningham.... - Read more
Interview: Silvia van der Heiden

25-09-2018  Interview: Silvia van der Heiden

For incoming NFF director Silvia van der Heiden, professionals are in the spotlight more than ever at Dutch cinema’s leading event. ... - Read more

20-09-2018  LIGHT AS FEATHERS by Rosanne Pel

What took a young Dutch director to a remote, rural part of Poland to make a film, asks Geoffrey Macnab of Dutch director Rosanne Pel... - Read more
Dutch Oscar entry: The Resistance Banker

19-09-2018  Dutch Oscar entry: The Resistance Banker

The NL submission to the Best Foreign Language Academy Award... - Read more
THE TRIAL: Secrets and Lies

18-09-2018  THE TRIAL: Secrets and Lies

When a colleague from Moscow told film director Sergei Loznitsa a few years ago that there existed abundant footage of the Stalin trials from the 1930... - Read more
Eye Exhibition: Ryoji Ikeda

14-09-2018  Eye Exhibition: Ryoji Ikeda

Adventurous Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda, subject of a major new exhibition at EYE, always tailors his work very carefully to the space in which it is shown... - Read more
EMILY off to the Academy Awards

12-09-2018  EMILY off to the Academy Awards

Dutch animated short EMILY by Marlies van der Wel is Dutch submission to the Academy Awards. ... - Read more
Nothing to Declare on way to Oscars

11-09-2018  Nothing to Declare on way to Oscars

Live Action short Nothing to Declare by Hetty de Kruijf Dutch submission to the Academy Awards.... - Read more
Living the Light - Robby Müller

05-09-2018  Living the Light - Robby Müller

In her beautiful and revealing film essay Living the Light - Robby Müller... - Read more
Départ ou non

05-09-2018  Départ ou non

Sven Bresser’s short film L’été et tout le reste (which premieres in Venice’s Orizzonti... - Read more
Shariff Korver boards TEMPLE

27-08-2018  Shariff Korver boards TEMPLE

Shariff Korver boards British series TEMPLE starring Carice van Houten... - Read more
LIGHT AS FEATHERS takes flight for TIFF

22-08-2018  LIGHT AS FEATHERS takes flight for TIFF

Rosanne Pel's debut feature selected for TIFF Discovery... - Read more
TIFF looks forward with RETROSPEKT

14-08-2018  TIFF looks forward with RETROSPEKT

Esther Rots' second feature to world premiere at Toronto... - Read more
Dutch light on The Lido

25-07-2018  Dutch light on The Lido

Three Dutch films will have their world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival. ... - Read more
Mi Vida wraps shoot

20-07-2018  Mi Vida wraps shoot

directed by Norbert ter Hall and written by Roos Ouwehand... - Read more