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Mister Twister Goes Camping by Barbara Bredero


IDFA 2018: 21st Century Women

25-11-2018  IDFA 2018: 21st Century Women

Sylvana, Demon or Diva and Marceline. A Woman. A Century are among many films celebrating strong women at IDFA this year. Melanie Goodfellow reports.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: Scared of Revolution

24-11-2018  IDFA 2018: Scared of Revolution

"Niggers are scared of revolution," civil rights campaigner and celebrated African-American poet Umar Bin Hassan wrote in one of his most famous (and notorious) protest songs. ... - Read more
IDFA 2018: Trapped in the City

23-11-2018  IDFA 2018: Trapped in the City

David Verbeek's short documentary Trapped in The City of a Thousand Mountains, recipient of Netherlands Film Fund postproduction support, explores China's surveillance culture through the prism of the smouldering rap scene in the city of Chongqing in the southwest of the country.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: Bellingcat

22-11-2018  IDFA 2018: Bellingcat

Hans Pool first became aware of Bellingcat (the website for investigative journalism) after reading an article about a Dutch member of the team.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: O amor é único

21-11-2018  IDFA 2018: O amor é único

Geoffrey Macnab talks to emerging talent Marina Meijer whose O amor é único is selected for IDFA Dutch Documentary Competition.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: But Now is Perfect

20-11-2018  IDFA 2018: But Now is Perfect

Carin Goeijers' But Now is Perfect , a mid-length film about the European migration crisis selected for IDFA Dutch and Midlength Competitions, is a superbly crafted tale of tragedy heaped on tragedy. The director talks to Nick Cunningham. ... - Read more
IDFA 2018: You are my Friend

19-11-2018  IDFA 2018: You are my Friend

You Are My Friend is a follow-up to Miss Kiet's Children , the wellreceived documentary that husband and wife team Petra and Peter Lataster made two years ago about a Dutch primary school teacher in charge of a class of immigrant children.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: Sheep Hero

18-11-2018  IDFA 2018: Sheep Hero

In Ton van Zantvoort's Sheep Hero a traditional shepherd tries to survive within a neo-liberal, highly automated farming industry, writes Nick Cunningham.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: My Soul Drifts

17-11-2018  IDFA 2018: My Soul Drifts

Sometimes, when life becomes overwhelming and stressful, a bit of Zen is what is needed to restore the proper balance. That is what director Heinrich Dahms has always felt.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs

17-11-2018  IDFA 2018: IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs

IDFA Kids & Docs Head of Education Meike Statema gives an overview of the four Dutch docs in this year's competition.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: Buddy by Heddy Honigmann

17-11-2018  IDFA 2018: Buddy by Heddy Honigmann

Heddy Honigmann's latest feature documentary Buddy offers a ‘loving portrait of the deep bond' between humans and their guide dogs, reports Geoffrey Macnab.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: The Miracle of the Little Prince

16-11-2018  IDFA 2018: The Miracle of the Little Prince

Marjoleine Boonstra is back at IDFA with her Dutch Competition title The Miracle of the Little Prince, about the impact of aviator Antoine de Saint- Exupéry's classic novel on indigenous communities across the world that are fighting to protect their language and culture. ... - Read more
IDFA 2018: Good Neighbours

16-11-2018  IDFA 2018: Good Neighbours

The trigger for Stella van Voorst van Beest's doc about the need to get neighbourly was a horrendous act of social negligence that the citizens of Rotterdam had witnessed a few years previously. Nick Cunningham reports.... - Read more
IDFA 2018: Stones Have Laws

15-11-2018  IDFA 2018: Stones Have Laws

Artistic duo Lonnie van Brummelen and Siebren de Haan's Stones Have Laws , pulls back the curtain on the Maroon communities living in the forests of Suriname, the former Dutch colony which today is South America's smallest independent country. ... - Read more
IDFA 2018: Now Something is Slowly Changing

15-11-2018  IDFA 2018: Now Something is Slowly Changing

mint film office's Now Something Is Slowly Changing, selected for IDFA Feature-length and Dutch Competitions, is a minimalist reflection on the business of personal growth and develop ment. ... - Read more