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Mister Twister Goes Camping by Barbara Bredero


IDFA 2020: Kids & Docs

23-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Kids & Docs

Dutch filmmakers talk to SeeNL about their films selected for Kids & Docs... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Silence of the Tides

22-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Silence of the Tides

SeeNL talks to Pieter-Rim de Kroon about documentary Silence of the Tides... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Dealing With Death

22-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Dealing With Death

Director Paul Sin Nam Rigter talks about documentary Dealing With Death... - Read more
IDFA 2020: 100UP

20-11-2020  IDFA 2020: 100UP

SeeNL talks to director Heddy Honigmann about her documentary 100UP... - Read more
IDFA 2020: White Cube

20-11-2020  IDFA 2020: White Cube

Filmmaker Renzo Martens talks to SeeNL about his documentary White Cube... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Lost On Arrival

20-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Lost On Arrival

Directors Van Bekkum and Polak talk to SeeNL about Lost On Arrival... - Read more
IDFA 2020: In His  Image

20-11-2020  IDFA 2020: In His Image

Director Tami Ravid talks to SeeNL about her documentary In HIs Image... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Bruce

19-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Bruce

SeeNL talks to director Daniel Krikke about his documentary Bruce... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Sheltered

19-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Sheltered

SeeNL interviews Sheltered director Saskia Gubbels... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Industry: Dutch Core

17-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Industry: Dutch Core

A Dutch CORE at Docs for Sale... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Orwa Nyrabia

16-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Orwa Nyrabia

SeeNL talks to IDFA Creative Director Orwa Nyrabia... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Forum and Docs for Sale

16-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Forum and Docs for Sale

SeeNL talks to IDFA Head of Industry Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen... - Read more
René Mioch receives royal order

16-11-2020  René Mioch receives royal order

Dutch acclaimed film journalist René Mioch has been appointed Knight ... - Read more
Dutch Focus at Chicago Childrens FF

12-11-2020  Dutch Focus at Chicago Childrens FF

Facets CIFF37 presents a Dutch focus programme, including Q+A's with the directors of Angel and Jovanna for Future.... - Read more
Instinct nominated for EFA European Discovery

11-11-2020  Instinct nominated for EFA European Discovery

several Dutch (co-)productions nominated for European Film Awards... - Read more