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Mister Twister Goes Camping by Barbara Bredero




An overview of the film events that have been cancelled or postponed owing to the measures adopted by various European governments to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic... - Read more
Dutch shorts at Leuven Short FF

30-11-2020  Dutch shorts at Leuven Short FF

Dutch shorts strongly represented in Leuven.... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Here We Move Here We Groove

24-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Here We Move Here We Groove

Director Sergej Kreso talks to SeeNL about his new documentary ... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Doclab & Paradocs

24-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Doclab & Paradocs

SeeNL talks to the directors represented at DocLab and Paradocs at IDFA... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Kids & Docs

23-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Kids & Docs

Dutch filmmakers talk to SeeNL about their films selected for Kids & Docs... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Silence of the Tides

22-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Silence of the Tides

SeeNL talks to Pieter-Rim de Kroon about documentary Silence of the Tides... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Dealing With Death

22-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Dealing With Death

Director Paul Sin Nam Rigter talks about documentary Dealing With Death... - Read more
IDFA 2020: 100UP

20-11-2020  IDFA 2020: 100UP

SeeNL talks to director Heddy Honigmann about her documentary 100UP... - Read more
IDFA 2020: White Cube

20-11-2020  IDFA 2020: White Cube

Filmmaker Renzo Martens talks to SeeNL about his documentary White Cube... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Lost On Arrival

20-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Lost On Arrival

Directors Van Bekkum and Polak talk to SeeNL about Lost On Arrival... - Read more
IDFA 2020: In His  Image

20-11-2020  IDFA 2020: In His Image

Director Tami Ravid talks to SeeNL about her documentary In HIs Image... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Bruce

19-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Bruce

SeeNL talks to director Daniel Krikke about his documentary Bruce... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Sheltered

19-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Sheltered

SeeNL interviews Sheltered director Saskia Gubbels... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Industry: Dutch Core

17-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Industry: Dutch Core

A Dutch CORE at Docs for Sale... - Read more
IDFA 2020: Orwa Nyrabia

16-11-2020  IDFA 2020: Orwa Nyrabia

SeeNL talks to IDFA Creative Director Orwa Nyrabia... - Read more