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Mister Twister Goes Camping by Barbara Bredero


Cinekid: The Kids Are Alright

18-10-2019  Cinekid: The Kids Are Alright

Macnab talks to head of Cinekid for Professionals about upcoming events... - Read more
Huge number of NL films going to Brazil

17-10-2019  Huge number of NL films going to Brazil

13 Dutch co(-pros) selected for Mostra de Sao Paulo... - Read more
The Sasha wins Radar Award

11-10-2019  The Sasha wins Radar Award

María Molina Peiró's experimental short awarded at Curtocircuito... - Read more
Escher's International Journey

10-10-2019  Escher's International Journey

Dutch documentary will have theatrical release in Germany.... - Read more
BIFF: Boy Meets Gun

01-10-2019  BIFF: Boy Meets Gun

Cunningham talk to Van Hezik about his new film, which world-premieres at Busan... - Read more
Dutch Films Off to Zurich

26-09-2019  Dutch Films Off to Zurich

6 Dutch (co-)productions selected for Zurich Film Festival... - Read more
Return of the Holland Film Meeting

25-09-2019  Return of the Holland Film Meeting

Geoffrey Macnab talks to Rianne Poodt about HFM's comeback... - Read more
Dutch films selected for Mill Valley

24-09-2019  Dutch films selected for Mill Valley

Two Dutch films will celebrate North-American premiere... - Read more
Rabarts Off to New Zealand

23-09-2019  Rabarts Off to New Zealand

Rabarts reflects on his time as head of Eye International... - Read more
Doreen Boonekamp Reflects

18-09-2019  Doreen Boonekamp Reflects

Boonekamp looks back at ten years as head of the Film Fund... - Read more
SEE NL Heritage Catalogue now available

17-09-2019  SEE NL Heritage Catalogue now available

Eye presents the first Heritage catalogue 2019-2020 with films from the collection of Eye.... - Read more
TIFF 2019: The Goldfinch

11-09-2019  TIFF 2019: The Goldfinch

Producers The Goldfinch talk about shooting in Amsterdam... - Read more
TIFF 2019: The Barefoot Emperor

10-09-2019  TIFF 2019: The Barefoot Emperor

Directors Brosens and Woodworth talk about sequel to King of the Belgians... - Read more
Eye Exhibition: Tarkovsky

09-09-2019  Eye Exhibition: Tarkovsky

Eye celebrates Tarkovsky's career this autumn with exhibition... - Read more
TIFF 2019: A Piece of Carice

09-09-2019  TIFF 2019: A Piece of Carice

Van Houten talks to Macnab about Instinct, fame and friendship with Reijn... - Read more