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December 10 2011

NEW KIDS NITRO has reached the status of Golden Film in a very short time. More than 100.000 tickets have been sold already since the film’s release in Dutch cinemas on December 8.

The film is the sequel to NEW KIDS TURBO, which was a big hit when it premiered in Dutch cinemas in December last year and which sold over 1 million tickets.

The Golden/Platinum/Diamond Film Award is awarded when the number of tickets sold after a film’s release is 100.000, 400.000, and 1.000.000 respectively. The prize is an initiative presented by the Netherlands Film Festival  and the Netherlands Film Fund since 2001 and is intended to encourage the Dutch film industry and motivate the general public to go and see Dutch films.

In NEW KIDS NITRO Friesland is stricken by a zombie plague, but in their home town Maaskantje the five unemployed and antisocial New Kids have other issues on their mind. They are at war with the nearby town, Schijndel. This means illegal street races and massive fights. But when the zombies take their first victim, the two groups must join forces to face a greater evil.

NEW KIDS NITRO is written en directed again by Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil, who also play two of the characters. The film is produced by Eyeworks Film & TV Drama in co-production with Inspire Pictures, Bridge Entertainment Group, Tip of the Blanket, Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil.

The film is distributed in the Netherlands and Flanders by Benelux Film Distributors. In January the German dubbed version of NEW KIDS NITRO will be released.

For more information:

Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Ph: +31 20 666 1892

Sales: Elle Driver
Ph: +33 1 5643 4870

The Netherlands Film Festival

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