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New Dawn, A by  Kim Brand
New Dawn, A

New Dawn, A

Kim Brand
Is it possible to bridge the gap between two generations by letting them live together?

Nursing home Tuindorp Oost in the Dutch city of Utrecht can be mistaken for death’s waiting room: everything moves slowly, the elderly participate in orchestrated activities and the rhythm of existence is determined by the strict schedule of pill intakes. However, peace and tranquillity will soon be disrupted as 41 young people will move into the vacant rooms of the place. A social experiment. The aim; bringing two generations together.

70’ / colour

Original title: EEN NIEUWE MORGEN
Prod: Een van de jongens - Hasse van Nunen & Renko Douze
Sc: Kim Brand, Hasse van Nunen
D.O.P.: Stephan Polman, Wilko van Oosterhout, Christian Paulussen
Completed: June 2017
Language: Dutch

Kim Brand:
First feature length documentary.
AMONG WOMEN (2013, short doc), WHAT THE CAT SEES (2011, short doc), THE CARE FACTORY (2009, short doc).

Een van de jongens
Ph: + 31 20 894 3628

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