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New Boobs by Sacha Polak
New Boobs

New Boobs

For years, filmmaker Sacha Polak has known that she carries the BRCA1 hereditary cancer gene, responsible for breast cancer, but she can't decide what to do. Does she have her breasts removed as a preventive measure to minimalize the risk of developing cancer? What if she had them removed, thus forsaking her femininity, for nothing? Sacha decides to make a personal and open documentary about her search. Her experiences are moving and emotional but also enlightening and sometimes even hilarious.

70’ / DCP / colour   

Original title: NIEUWE TIETEN
Dir: Sacha Polak
Prod: Viking Film       
Sc: Sacha Polak           
D.O.P.: Meral Uslu
Completed: September 2013       
Language: Dutch (English subtitles)   

Sacha Polak:
First feature length documentary.
HEMEL (2012, feature) Awards: FIPRESCI Award Berlin IFF, Grand Jury Prize Créteil Women’s IFF, Ecumenical Jury Prize Molodist IFF, Brother (2011, short), UNDER THE TABLE (2008, short), DRANG (2008, short), EL MOURABBI (2007, short) Award: Prix Special Collegien FF Cinesonne.

Viking Film
Ph: +31 20 625 4788

Sales: Autlook Films
Ph: +43 72 034 6934

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